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"The great thing about CORY CORBETT is that he always wants to help; and he gives you 200% of himself regardless of the capacity he’s brought on board for.

When I approached him to play SALVATORE for BY NO MEANS, he didn’t see this as a small role with little dialogue – like most would have. He saw the role of Salvatore as I did; an intricate part of this petite film filled with substantial moments and, in addition, a team of passionate artists coming together to attempt to tell a positive story of an underprivileged family.

Nicknamed BOOM NINJA for I USED TO EXIST, Cory came on board as our BOOM OPERATOR and took on the responsibility of helping to capture sound with the same enthusiasm he does when he performs in front of the screen.

Cory delves in to all facets of creative art; whether it’s performing on screen or stage, writing, producing, or simply assisting as part of a crew, his all-round skill level is highly regarding and is a prized addition to any and all projects.

Cory is a friend, a colleague, and a fellow artist I am extremely eager to continue to work with. The best attribute about Cory, in my opinion, is his determination to be involved; notwithstanding his talent and ability – his range is quite impressive.

Recently, I’ve cast Cory as the disruptive yet providential SANDY in my feature film TROUBLE FROM ABOVE and I’m very excited about seeing him delve in to this amusing and witty role. Cory is also preparing to portray the role of CHRIS in my short film THE SMALL HANDS OF MY CHILDREN which will commence filming in a few weeks.

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4249213/ http://www.starnow.com.au/corycorbett1/"

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